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Santoku Totsumen​


Forged in San Mai stainless steel Z40 + Apex Ultra steel core

Migaki finish (brushed finish made on belts).


The length of the blade is 190mm, the height at the heel is 50mm, the thickness is 3 to 0.6mm on the spine before the tip, 171 grams.

The handle is octagonal, made of ebony and olivewood.


A smaller blade for a smaller kitchen or for smaller portions. The santoku is a versatile knife that is very pleasant to use in vegetarian cooking. It is made of San Mai stainless steel and Apex Ultra, a modern mix which provides ease of maintenance and tungsten steel which gives a durable cutting edge.


Price: 460 euros

The price is indicated excluding shipping costs and case.

The winner of the draw agrees to purchase the knife.

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