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The blacksmith

A few words of introduction


Being a blacksmith today is an adventure looking to the future. Although he uses ancient techniques, the blacksmith has a very special task in the 21st century. More than ever, the blacksmith gives meaning to what surrounds us. Indeed, the objects he makes have a function, a history, have a place of birth, come from the world and are not detached from it.

Creating an object  requires taking into account both the practical side of this object and its environmental dimension, i.e. its involvement in its environment (source of materials, tools used for its manufacture, its future use, the relationship with its creator).
By making objects according to these requirements, the craftsman gives meaning to his work ans to his creations. He enters
in a creative process where the material and the tools he has made available to him will influence the final result. This will result in a unique object.
Each object is shaped with the desire to integrate it as well as possible into its environment. Whatever its function, the object fits into its environment and allows you to live a familiar experience in a different way.

The blacksmith thus transforms our environment, our uses.

That's why I make tools like knives. These are objects in which initially distinct elements come together: wood and iron, cold and heat, efficiency and aesthetics, tools and conviviality, technique and emotions. All my blades are forged and thus obtain a better resistance and special geometry. I use a water grinder and buffed polishers, ancient techniques that respect the steel during its machining without burning it. I now grind and polish my knives on whetstones. From the coarsest grain to the finest grain available by nature in the Japanese natural stones.
I also select and cut some of the wood that will be used to make the handles of the knives. I take care of the drying. I can thus guarantee its provenance and ensure its quality. My knives can be made to order in consultation with their future users or can be a free creation. Each knife is made entirely in my workshop in order to control the entire process and offer a high quality finished product.

Milan Gravier

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