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My Waiting list for custom orders is open,
until 26th of May 2024
I won't take orders this time though, next selection of custom orders will be in September 2024.

Subscribe to my Custom Orders Waiting List :

Thanks for subscribing

That form is now closed

Here are some informations about the random draw for my Custom orders.

Every month I am making few knives for custom orders. To select the people who can order me a knife, I have decided to make a waiting list. This list is not open all the time but only for few days every 4 months about. After closing the waiting list, I am doing a random draw to select the people who can finally order me a knife. In January, I am selecting custom slots for May, July and August of the same year.

I would like to make things as fair as possible for my community. So I have created a random draw with 2 biais :
- seniority : the longer you are in the waiting list, the more you have chance to be selected. Every 4 months I am opening the waiting list and every 4 months every people in the list will earn 1 point. For this draw, some people had 4 points (12 months seniority), some had 3 points (8 months seniority), some had 2 points (4 months seniority) and the people who just subscribed in may had 1 point.
- if you already had a custom order with me : at the moment you get a custom order slot, that mean you will start with 0 point on the next random draw. You will have to wait the next one, 4 months later to get a chance to be selected. So for exemple, the people selected today that will have a slot for a custom order can stay in the list but in September 2023 for the next draw they won’t have any point so they won’t participate to the draw. They will have to wait for Janurary 2024 to get 1 point and then have a chance to get a slot.


The waiting list will remain so you don’t have to subscribe again in 4 months. Only new people will join the list. You can of course send me a mail and ask me to be removed from the list whenever you want.

Thanks everybody for supporting my work and I wish you all a great day.

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