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Sale by Random Draw

This knife is sold through random draw. If you want to buy this knife, you have to register to my newsletter. I will make a  random draw of all the people registered and who answered to my mail. I will then select the person who will buy this knife by random draw.


This system allows my customers to acquire one of my knives without having the pressure to be the fastest. Please don't participate if you're not committed to buy that knife.

Price of this knife: 280 euros
The price is shipping out and case out.
The winner of the draw commits
themself to buy the knife.

Random draw time is 25/05/2023, 6PM UTC+1 (french hour)


Description :

Paring knife

Forged in San mai, dirty wrought iron for cladding and 135Cr3 for the core.
Stone polished on japanase natural stones, finished with fingerstones.
Blade length is 115mm, 31mm high at heel, 3.2 à 0.8mm thick, 74 grams
Handle is octogonal, made of oak.

Simple short knife for kitchen use. Kuroushi finish and stone shaped bevels make it a simple and useful tool.

Price : 280 euros
Price is without shipping and without case (possible as an option).
The winner of the draw is committed to buy this knife.

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