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Sale by Random Draw

This knife will be sold through random draw. If you want to buy this knife, you have to register to my newsletter. I will make a random draw of all the people registered and who subscribed to the form (link is given inside newsletter). I will then select the person who will buy this knife by random draw.


This system allows my customers to acquire one of my knives without having the pressure to be the fastest. Please don't participate if you're not committed to buy that knife.

The price is shipping not included and saya not included.

The winner of the draw commits themself to buy the knife.

Random draw time is 19/07/2024, 6PM UTC+1 (french hour)


Forged in San Mai "clean" wrought iron + 135cr3 steel.


Stone shaped and stone polished with natural Japanese stones, finished with finger stone.


The length of the blade is 245mm, the height at the heel is 55mm, the thickness is 5 to 1.2mm on the spine before the tip, 267 grams.

The handle is octagonal, made of ziricote and brass.


A versatile Gyuto. A strong spine that stretches in all directions for a slightly convex geometry and a fine tip for delicate cuts. Ziricote and brass for a handle with a timeless look.

Price: 750 euros

The price is indicated excluding shipping costs and case.

The winner of the draw agrees to purchase the knife.

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