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Sale by Random Draw

This knife will be sold through random draw. If you want to buy this knife, you have to register to my newsletter. I will make a  random draw of all the people registered and who subscribed to the form (link is given inside newsletter). I will then select the person who will buy this knife by random draw.


This system allows my customers to acquire one of my knives without having the pressure to be the fastest. Please don't participate if you're not committed to buy that knife.

The price is shipping not included and saya not included.

Price of this knife is 1150 euros

The winner of the draw commits themself to buy the knife.
Random draw time is 11/04/2024, 6PM UTC+1 (french hour)


Description :

Chef knife Integral

Forged in San Mai "dirty" wrought iron on clad, Apex Ultra on the edge.

Etch finish, full convex geometry.

Blade length is 259mm, 50.5mm height at heel, 3.7-0.9mm thickness on spine before tip, 250 grams.

Balance point is right at the heel.

The handle is a integral full tang western shape, made of ziricote.

Here is a first ! My first integral knife with full tang ! Quite challenging to forge, even more from a San mai made of dirty wrought iron (very soft and fragile clad) + Apex Ultra (very hard, moving much more slowly than wrought iron). Happy with the result even if it was closed to be a fail : Wrought iron did cracked near the bolster during quench, mostly because it is the most stressed part with the integral bolster and the forged geometry. Hopefully I could clean it and get it right. One rough area is left on the left side, memory of that difficult time. Did it deserved to be saved ? In my opinion totally : it is one of the most beautiful wrought iron I haved worked and the full polish really give it space to shine.
About the blade, I am very pleased  : narrow blade means it is very nimble. The blade is forged super closed to shape so I did "minimum grinding" for a full convex. That give that very low lamination line with wrought iron stopping before the edge with very even height of discovered steel. That give a lot of solidity to the super hard core made of Apex Ultra, a modern steel with high wear resistance. The blade is midweight style with a thin tip. Great thin convexity that will cut amazingly.
About the handle, It got that integral bolster that give strengh to the blade and weight. It got that tapered full tang with western shape I like very much with integral knives.

Hope you like it.

Price: 1150 euros
The price is indicated excluding shipping costs and case.
The winner of the draw agrees to purchase the knife.

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