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Selling my knives through Modern Cooking

Since August 2022, I am working with Peter from Modern Cooking. This store located in Germany will be one of my selling points for my available knives.
Peter is a passionate man about kitchen knives. He has been involved in the promotion of handcrafted cutlery for many years by showcasing the best European knifemakers on kitchen knives on his website. He also participates in this promotion in a pro-active way with some partnerships with knifemakers and the production of kitchen knives under the Modern Cooking brand.

We want this partnership to last and we have discussed at length the conditions for the sale of my knives in his store. Peter has decided to work under the principle of the consignment sale with a fixed commission on the sale of each knife. The knife is sold in his store but it is the knifemaker who has control over the price displayed and the income he will receive after the sale.
The knives presented on the Modern Cooking website will therefore have a price that is necessarily different from my direct price (the ones displayed on this website): firstly to pay for all or part of Peter's work (photography, communication, packaging, sales, shipping, etc), secondly to take care of the german VAT. I'm an auto-entrepreneur (french status for working), so I normally sell via a price with non-applicable VAT when direct sale. However, the sale via a store will add this VAT to the price of my knives.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you again for supporting my work and Peter's work for Modern Cooking.
My gallery on the Modern Cooking website

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