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Nijiru Line (Nijiru or 煮汁 means broth in Japanese) : the broth is a clever mix of meat, fish, vegetables and herbs, it is an essential preparation in the kitchen.
The idea of broth also corresponds to my way of seeing cutlery: a mixture of know-how, a curiosity towards other cultures, an infusion of my experiences, a perfect balance between the handle and the blade, between beauty and efficiency
The Nijiru Range is made up of knives  with a 3-layer composite structure called "laminated" or "San Maï" in Japanese.
The sides can be in Soft Steel, Old Iron or Damascus. The cutting edge can be in C130, 135Cr3, O7 (1.2519) or Apex Ultra.

Saut du Tarn Steels C130 and 135Cr3 are composed of 1.2%/1.35% carbon. These are very hard steels which will allow a very fine edge and a good holding edge.
Bohler 1.2519 and Apex Ultra are tool steels with tungstene. It will hold the edge even beter than 135Cr3.

Contact me  for more information.

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