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Custom Knives -

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Here are a few things about how I work:

- I take few knives on order per month.
For orders, I have set up a waiting list. This is not open permanently, but it opens for two weeks approximately every 3 or 4 months.
Once the list is closed, I do a random draw and select the people who can place an order with me.
The delays once selected are approximately 4 to 6 months.
More info on Waiting list page

- I also make knives in the form of free creation, they are then put on sale as soon as they are made.
In 2023, I have decided to have 3 sales possibilities for these available knives.
Either a sale directly on  my instagram. Sales posts are made any day of the week, around 6 p.m french time. I am contacted by personal message on instagram. The first message has priority for the purchase of the knife.

Either a sale on my website, by random draw. The knife will be presented on my website with its price. People interested will fill out a form to give me their email address. Then I will select randomly the person who can buy me the knife.

Or via a shop with which I work. You will need to contact this store for more information.
In January 2023, I have made a partnership with Modern Cooking. More infos about that partnership here

Couteau de chef
Sujihiki sakimaru
Couteau de cheg

2023 prices:

(here for information purposes only. Each knife is unique. A final estimation will be made for each project)


Classic XC70:

Blade forged in Xc70 steel (0.7% carbon), satin finish, straight handle in local wood, brass ferrule, optional sheath.

brut de forge 11cm: 60 euros

office 90mm: 110 euros (1.3€/mm)

universal 150mm: 160 euros (1.1€/mm)

Eminceur 180mm: 220 euros (1.2€/mm)

 Gyuto 240mm : 280 euros (1.2€/mm)

Chef knife (western handle) 240mm: 310 euros (1.3€/mm)


Nijiru: San mai / 3 layers

San mai soft steel + C130 or 135Cr3 steel, kasumi finish (stone polishing), straight handle in local wood

with stainless steel or brass bolster, optional sheath.

paring : 90mm : 250 euros (2.8€/mm)

petty: 150mm: 375 euros (2.5€/mm)

honesuki: 160mm: 400 euros (2.5€/mm)

hankotsu: 160mm: 400 euros (2.5€/mm)

santoku/bunka/nakiri: 180mm: 450 euros (2.5€/mm)

sujihiki 240mm: 550 euros (2.3€/mm)

gyuto 240mm: 600 euros (2.5€/mm)
cleaver 190mm: 700 euros (3.7€/mm)


Nijiru Single Bevel: Ni mai / 2 layers

Ni mai soft steel + C130 or 135Cr3 steel, kasumi finish (stone finish), straight handle in local wood

with stainless steel or brass bolster, optional sheath.

funayuki 180mm: 860 euros (4.8€/mm)

deba 180mm: : 860 euros (4.8€/mm)

usuba 180mm: 860 euros (4.8€/mm)

yanagiba 240mm: 1150 euros (4.8€/mm)

240mm kiritsuke: 1200 euros (5€/mm)




Handles :

exotic woods and burls: from +20 to +60 euros and more.

buffalo horn at the front of the handle: +20 euros

without guard: -30 euros

Western handle: +30 euros without guard / +60 euros with ferrule or guard.


1.2519 tungsten steel instead of C130/135Cr3: +60 euros for a 240mm

wrought iron: +80 euros clean wrought / +120 euros dirty wrought for a 240mm

damascus : from 200 euros for a 240mm gyuto

twisted damascus : from 300 euros for a 240mm gyuto

twisted wrought iron : from 300 euros for a 240mm gyuto

full kasumi polishing (no rough forging):  300 euros full convex, 600 euros wide bevels for a 240mm

integral blade (with forged guard) : from 150 euros

deep etch finish : from 200 euros



linden saya = 80 euros

walnut saya = 90 euros

burnt wood option= +20 euros

other wood available on request.

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