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How to buy a knife from me
& Prices

Here are a few things about how I work:

- I take few knives as custom orders per month.
For orders, I have set up a waiting list. This is not open permanently, but it opens for few days every 3 or 4 months (I can keep you in touch when it opens through the Newsletter).
Once the list is closed, I do a random draw and select the people who can place an order with me.
The delays once selected are approximately 4 to 6 months.
More info on Waiting list page

- I also make knives in the form of free creation, they are then put on sale as soon as they are finished.
In 2024, I have 3 sales possibilities for these available knives.

Either a sale through the Newsletter, by random draw. The knife will be presented on my website with its price. People interested will fill a form. Then I will select randomly within the list of interested people, the person who can buy me the knife.
Either a sale directly on  my instagram. Sales posts are made any day of the week, around 6 p.m french time. I am contacted by personal message on instagram. The first message has priority for the purchase of the knife
Either via a shop with which I work. You will need to contact this store for more information.
Since 2022 I work with a german shop named Modern Cooking. More infos about that shop, here. In 2023 I have worked once with Strata, in USA.

Couteau de chef
Sujihiki sakimaru
Couteau de cheg

Prices 2024 :
for information only.

Each piece is unique. A final estimation will be made according to each project.


Nijiru: San mai / 3 layers
San mai clean wrought iron + 135Cr3 (1.35% carbon, 0.6% chrome), kasumi finish (stone polished bevels), Wa handle with metal bolster.
paring/petty: 160mm: 480 euros (3€/mm)
honesuki/hankotsu : 150m
m: 470 euros (3.1€/mm)
santoku/bunka/nakiri: 180mm: 580 euros (3.2€/mm)
sujihiki 240mm: 750 e
uros (3.1€/mm)

gyuto 240mm: 750 euros (3.1€/mm)
cleaver 190mm: 850 euros (4.5€/mm)

Nijiru Single Bevel : Ni mai / 2 layers
Ni mai mild steel + C130 or 135Cr3, kasumi finish, Wa handle, metal bolster.

funayuki, deba, usuba, yanagiba, kiritsuke: around 5 euros/mm
Yanagiba 240mm starts at about 1200 euros

Totsumen San mai / 3 layers
San mai Inox + Apex Ultra, satin machine finish, Wa handle.
Gyuto 240mm : 550 
San mai mild steel + 135Cr3, satin machine finish, Wa handle.
Gyuto 240mm: 450  euros

Classic XC70

Monosteel forged blade in Xc70 (0.7% carbon), satin machine polish, Wa handle, brass ferrule.

brut de forge 11cm : 60 euros

paring 90mm: 110 euros (1.3€/mm)

petty 150mm: 160 euros (1.1€/mm)

slicer 240mm : 280 euros (1.2€/mm)

gyuto 240mm: 280 euros (1.2€/mm)

Honyaki: monosteel with selective hardening.
No estimated price, each knife will be estimated individually for the time being.
No order possible on Honyaki




Handles :
exotic woods and burls: no extra cost for local wood but I will ask my customers to pay for the wood I would buy to make the handle. 

from +30 to +60 euros and more for some precious materials.

Bolster or not / Western shape / Horn / Burnt wood are possible options that will be estimated individually

Integral bolster : estimation will be done individually for each knife

Metals :
Cutting steels :
Carbon steel 135Cr3 : included in the price

Carbon steel C130 : sometimes used for Honyaki
tungsten steel 1.2519: about +80 euros for 240mm
tungsten steel Apex Ultra : about +120 euros for a 240mm 
Cladding :
modern mild steel: about -50 euros
wrought iron: about +120 euros for dirty wrought clad for a 240mm.
Clean wrought iron is a wrought iron with no inclusion, light banding. Dirty wrought iron is a wrought iron with stronger banding and possible inclusion of slag and possible light delaminations that are out of my will.

Stainless steel clad : a material that I use for my Totsumen line but that I don't want to develop for my Nijiru line. It's still a possible option and price will be estimated individually for each knife.
Folded iron and Damascus: from 200 euros and more for a 240mm

Bevels polished with Japanese natural stones : included in the price but price can vary according to the knife, the material to be polished and the level of finish.
full kasumi polish (no hammering marks): from 500 euros full convex, from 700 euros wide bevel for a 240mm knife

Hammer marks can have generally two possible finish : Nashiji or Kuroushi. Nashiji means hammer marks are polished and you'll get a white finish. Kuroushi means hammer marks are covered with a iron oxyde thanks to heating the blade and you'll get a dark finish.

Deep Etch : That finish is about working the top of the blade to bring out the structure of the material. That mean to etch with acid, more or less deeply the metal to show the banding and structure of the cladding. Through the years I have worked differents ways and different finishes around that technique. This finish is unique for each blade, a individual estimation will be made for each knife.

Saya (wooden sheath) :

linden = 90 euros
walnut = 100 euros
option for burned wood = +20 euros
other woods available on request.

Milan Gravier • 178 route de Sommard • 81170 St-Martin-Laguépie •

Le Marteau et l’Enclume
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